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Please provide details about the background you would like for your portrait.

Please provide a detailed description of your desired scene and poses, including any specific requirements you may have.


If you choose to upload multiple images, kindly explain how they should be used in the portrait to ensure we meet your expectations.


Check out our ultra-sleek canvas - it's not just thin, it's "where did it even go?" thin!


At just 0.75 inches thick, this is the supermodel of canvases without the attitude.


It's like hanging air on your wall, but way more extraordinary because it looks terrific.

Here's the skinny:

- Practically invisible side profile at a mere 19.05 mm. Your walls will thank you.

- It weighs in at a feather-light 10.15 oz/yd² (give or take a crouton). That's 344 g/m² for the metrically minded.

- It comes with wall mounts, so you can hang it up faster than it takes to decide where it looks best.

- Rubber pads on the backside to protect your walls. It's like it comes with its coaster. How polite!

Slimmer than your average canvas, it can add flair to your space without bulking up your walls. Get it, hang it, and make your room the coolest.

Family Canvas Portrait

PriceFrom $159.99
Excluding Sales Tax |
  • *All Sizes are in inches

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